Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Moon's vindication

I used to believe that the moon was one of those bad cards with no salvation. The confusion, the illusion, the lie. It seems easy to think that it has nothing good, that it's undesirable. But honestly, I could never see her with those eyes. There was something about her, enigmatic, secret, that seemed very attractive to me. The moon is also an important astrological object representing the feminine, the receptive. Well, perhaps from the perspective of time that makes sense in a misogynist Christian society. The feminine tends to be dark and confusing for man.
Looking at it from that point of view, it makes me think that the moon is the meaning through the feminine vision. She is a sister of the hermit (1 + 8 = 9), so more than an answer is a search, an exploration. But the discovery is made in a receptive way just like in the hermit, in the moon we observe phenomenology, we do not seek the confirmation of logic.
In the moon we open ourselves to the radical emotions, after having found temperance, of having known how vile we can be, being struck by the truth that lead us to faith (cards XIV to XVII). We open ourselves to instinct, not understood as something dirty and sinful, but as a natural wisdom. That voice within that moves us in one direction before the filter of the rational tells us what to do. It is in our genes, it is a patrimony of life. It is the feeling prior to the explanation, the primal impulse that is there because the universe understands those codes, we are they who have forgotten them.
Our society does not teach us to handle those impulses. We ignore nature because we are rational beings, but we can't see we are also rational because of nature.
If we leave these emotions free without understanding them, they will control us and depression, lies, infidelity, manipulation and drama will come. We will become volatile and capricious, and this we will project around us. But we are not like that because we're evil, we are because there is a part of ourselves that we have ignored and that is the way it reminds us it is there, waiting to be attended.

However, the moon can be well channeled. It can be intuition and human psychic power. It can be the magical work that puts order in the universe and self-discovery through working with our shadow. It can be the cycles of female fertility. The ability to feel nature as part of you and you as part of nature. It can be the ability to connect with the emotions of others and with your own. Immerse in ourselves to know us in depth, specially how small we are.

The moon is the occasion in which we are connected with what Mother Nature arranged to be to reflect the divine intelligence of the universe. We can welcome and love him, make him part of us and become integral beings; or we can deny it and fight it, transforming it into a hidden monster, lurking in the dark.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The five of cups and the right to cry.

It was an ideal day, of my best month: March. A bright sun, singing birds, a good night's sleep, well-paid work, a beautiful family and an expanding spiritual life ... Idyllic, better than ever before. I do my daily exercises and, suggested by one of the facebook groups in which I participate, the challenge arises: ask the cup cards what does my heart need today? Answer: The five of cups.

Why could my heart need such a dark card?

The five of cups can be a tough card, but not all hard is bad. The water runs under the bridge, everything passes in life, and there is always something left, a construction on the horizon, the security of a home. Even if we know all that, sometimes we just need to cry. The emotion is there, sometimes seems to have no explanation. It is necessary to throw away that emotion in some way, that which embarrasses us, that makes us feel weak, let behind what we lost and hurts even though we deny it a thousand times.

Why do we deny it?

Why do we take away the right to feel outraged and hurt by what we feel is lost?

Duels are healthy and more, they are vital in our development. Going forward without processing the pain does nothing more than transform it into a big snowball that will crush us sooner or later. I stopped criticizing the character and started to admire him. Five of cups can be my right to complein, for whatever I need to. And I'll feel better tomorrow. If I cry one day for something that seems pointless to the world does not mean that I am depressed, nor that I will never get up again. As long as you know that, everything else doesn't matter. I understand that I am disappointed because I create expectations and I wasn't able to distinguish them from reality, I assume it, I cry for it, and I leave it behind having learned a valuable lesson.

Then, I can raise my head and look at my house on the horizon. I can look behind me and see those two glasses standing, and realize that I was not considering all the options. The five of glasses seems a reminder of how limited our perspective is. Now we can see everything, since we are not busy pretending that we do not regret anything.

I understood in that moment that the five of cups can be a need of the heart, just as the challenge showed me. The need to let me cry about the spilled milk even if it's not solving the problem in practice, and although that problem seems not to be important, doing it only for the relief that produces crying before it becomes learning.